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1. What is the warranty including batteries?   ours is two years including battery (parts and labor) and two on hitemp longlife ,more if u ask up to six years. hi temp and long life

2. What is the output wattage?   How much of the kva do you get back. look at power factors.  such as 2201 which is 2200va and 1980 watts out, The 3300 is 3kva and 2800 watt isolated output

3  Where is the product made?   ours is USA in maryland and new jersey. where is competitor x?  japan,china,etc.

4. When can we ship it?  When do you get it?  what does competitor do. ask x,  our normal delivery for even customs is 10- 90 days. Callus for an for free estimate. Batteries normally come from inventory

5. What temperature does it work? 0-60dc We have premium batteries with 12 year life, enersys batteries and very high temp 60-90 degrees? competitor x

6. What specs does it meet like mil 810f, 901,167,1399,461.  optional Ask for proof from us and competitor x

7, What shutdown software do you get? powerchute from Apc, and multilink from liebert. how much does it cost. ours is $0

8. What is your lowest priced ups  ?  Until proven wrong, we think we have the worlds lowest cost! Ps502 is about $209 fob origin tell us aboiut other shipboard ups

9. Does your snmp card work at 100base t like ours.?   or is it 10bt. A sign of an old design, we also added temp/humidity,dry contacts were added to the same card  PS9631  ap9625

10. Is it easy or hard to use? ours is APC Powerchute and emerson net multinet power shutdown. Easy apc or liebert

11. Is it rugged or ruggedized?  Our is both competitor x mil standards ul and fcc certified look at mil standards or we will send it to u if you give email address

12. Do we have any references since 1993? Ask us we have thousands, and our competitor x

13. How long will we repair it?  Our answer is  15 years or forever, competitor x. We have been fixing 10 year old apc under contract with navsup (navicp)

14. Powerstar vs. apc whats the difference? see for yourself  www.apc.com x-93 is our competitor

15. our hi temo long life batteries are modified enersys  hx series batteries- long life hi-temp from enersys

If u need anything further call us at 855-252-5253 toll free or 301-948-0713 in maryland contact us

Price/performace leader Powerstar Inc check out our price list if you dont have one call us!

iso-9001 manufactured