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Quality Performance inc  has ordered 4 PS2201 for Moriah Wind at $6300 apiece.

Govsmart has ordered 10 ps6003rm with battery pack  for the military sealift command

Unisource has ordered 6 ps3300 with one battery pack for the Canadian Navy

GDIT has purchased PS3200 2kva stainless steel,  premium batteries, 19 inch depth ups at $3900.

Boeing/Argon has recently been shipped a PS6003rm with a astrodyne 461 filter for testing for ddg destroyer

owerstar ps502-750 is going to a new box wih the following dimensions  12.9 inches x5.5 inchx 4.1 inc.  the original box  is 3.4inch x 7.09 inches 9.04 inches  . the total va is 850va old box is 750va.  the price remains same.  We can deliver ps502-750 until supply lasts.  call sales if you need to forecast it

The Canadian government has ordered 14 ps3300-lcs with isotrans,2700 watts through Unisource for Navy usage

HII builds destroyers and we repair them, so they just sent us 19 ups to be upgraded and repaired.

BAE Systems has ordered 20 more
PS6000rm-iso shipboard rev2 at $3209 each. 

QPI Quality performance inc  has ordered 7 more PS2201 to go with their ADMACS/andor Moriah  requirement

DLA has ordered ps3300rm

Boeing Argon  has just order 8 ps6003rm 2u for their DDG program. they use a mil461 adaptor.

mil 461 -Boeing has qualified/certified a
Powerstar 6003rm  for mil 461 usage of an astrodyne board in the unit

Expertbuy has been shipped ps6000 that are NATO certified rugged ,like mil 810f they have more to go

BAE ordered 1 ps6000 for security usage

GDIT ordered 2 ps6003rm4u for navy philly 

Powerstar 6003 2/2  3kva 2700 watt output

Dynalec has ordered another

Jokell has just purchased a
ps6006rm with options for HII for sub work

Hexagon/Intergragth has ordered ps3300 -r variation,  mil 461 for naval usage

Expertbuy a disty for Barco,and then Esterline, bought 18
ps6000 mil std 810f for french NATO navy usage